Bring Mother Nature’s wings to life and into your landscapes for National Pollinator week!

Celebrate National Pollinator Week with Little Red Wagon Native Nursery and Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation, as we continue to raise awareness for pollinators and spread the word about what we can do to protect them. Adults and children alike will enjoy the week-long events with butterfly releases, guest speakers, children’s story time and tool sharpening. Whether you’re new to Florida native gardening, or not, come learn from expert guest speakers.’s  “Pollinator Power Party” is in its 3rd year, with a reach of over 2 million people.  Let’s make a difference in the Tampa Bay area.  Join an in-person series of events to show your support for our planet’s pollinators.

Monday, June 20 through Friday, June 24
3:00 – 4:00 PM

Pollinator Partnership is very excited to be collaborating with EPRI and co-hosting the virtual Pollinator Power Party 2022 . In 2021, the Pollinator Power Party reached more than 2.3 million people, including farmers, students, teachers, master gardeners, conservationists, artists and designers, utility companies, scientific researchers, and more. Now in its third year, the party continues to grow with a bigger line-up of speakers, conservation and education partners, and exciting in-person and virtual opportunities to support our planet’s pollinators. The week-long event will include keynote speakers, a honey tasting session, scientific lectures, a pollinator art contest, and habitat management success stories.

Join us at the Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation Gallery (4111-A Henderson Blvd.) for a Watch Party, Monday to Friday during Pollinator Week.


Key Note Speaker – TBD

Monday, June 20
3:00 – 4:00 PM
4111-A Henderson Blvd., South Tampa
(next door to Little Red Wagon Native Nursery)

This is free to attend with Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation. Please register as space is limited.


Tuesday June 21st – M&M Sharpening

Are your garden tools performing as well as they did when they were new? Don’t replace them; sharpen them. M & M Tools will be here on Tuesday, June 21 from 10 am to 5:30 pm to sharpen your garden tools (shovels, pruners, etc.) and kitchen knives. If you can’t be here on Tuesday, bring your tools in the weekend before and pick them up at your convenience. If you will be leaving your tools, please write your name, and phone number on masking tape, and attach to each tool.     

Pricing for the sharpening can be found at

Tuesday June 21st – Tampa Bees

Join Tampa Bees owner, Stephanie Ramthun, to see a live honey bee exhibit.  Stephanie and her husband, Christian, started their apiary business in October 2014 after Christian retired from 22 years of military service. Stephanie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, but says most of her bee knowledge comes from hands-on experience and attending Florida beekeeper and Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association events. She also attends the American Beekeeper Federation annual conferences. She will be sharing her love and knowledge of bees and the benefits to our diet and the world around us. They have about 100 hives in locations all around Tampa Bay.

There will also bee some local honey for sale! 

Gardening Culture and Equity
Feather Smith, Cherokee Nation
Tara Rocha, Pollinator Posse

Tuesday, June 21
3:00 – 4:00 PM
4111-A Henderson Blvd., South Tampa
(next door to Little Red Wagon Native Nursery)

This is free to attend with Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation. Please register as as space is limited.


Registration: Free

Wednesday June 22 – Carnivorous Plants By Kenny Coogan

Kenny has a Master of Arts in  Global Sustainability with a concentration in Food Sustainability and Security. He is the owner of Critter Companions nursery in Tampa. His carnivorous plant nursery focuses on temperate and tropical species.  He is a columnist, author, and nurseryman.  Come learn about Florida’s endemic carnivorous plants and more. Florida has dozens of native species of carnivorous plants––more than any other state in the United States—including sundews, butterworts, bladderworts, and pitcher plants. These plants use appealing scents, leaves, and sticky fluids to trap and imprison insects. Digestive fluids then absorb the prey giving the plant its nutrients. Many of these plants can be grown at home in the backyard, in rain gardens, or in some cases on the windowsill.  His carnivorous plant nursery in Tampa focuses on temperate and tropical species.  His book, “Florida’s Carnivorous Plants” is expected to be released July 15th.


Bee My Honey
Dr. Amina Harris, UC Davis
Dr. Elina Lastro Nino, UC Davis Bee Haven

Wednesday, June 22
3:00 – 4:00 PM
4111-A Henderson Blvd., South Tampa
(next door to Little Red Wagon Native Nursery)

This is free to attend with Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation. Please register as space is limited.

Registration: Free

Thursday, June 23rd – Patrick McGirk: “Butterfly (and moth) mimicry”

This presentation will be specific to Florida native species. You can expect lots of pretty pictures, a couple of gross ones, and one that is mildly scary. Patrick will be pleased if you come away from the talk having learned the two main types of biological mimicry, AND if you say to yourself once during the talk, “that is so cool”!  If you come away as confused as he is about monarch/viceroy/queen mimicry, then you'll be up to speed with the experts.  Patrick has been gardening for butterflies in Florida for more than a quarter century. He is never happier than when he has carefully gathered a handful of caterpillars to be moved to a different bed of host plants. He especially enjoys sharing his volunteer plants to get people started on their own butterfly gardening adventure.  Patrick is a retired middle school biology teacher that now volunteers twice a week at the Florida Aquarium Center for Conservation working on the Coral Reef projects. He will talk about his news-breaking discovery to protect the baby corals.  He is also an active member and volunteer with NABA Tampa Bay chapter.  

Lovely Lepidoptera
Kevin Burls, Xerces Society
Junaid Khan, Pollinator Partnership
Dr. Chip Taylor, Monarch Watch

Thursday, June 23
3:00 – 4:00 PM
4111-A Henderson Blvd., South Tampa
(next door to Little Red Wagon Native Nursery)

This is free to attend with Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation. RSVP required as space is limited.


Registration Fee: $10

Friday, June 24th – Truth About Pollinator Gardens

Dr. Craig Huegel has degrees in Wildlife Ecology (B.A. in Zoology and M.S. Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin, PhD, Animal Ecology, Iowa State University) and picked up a minor in Botany.  Currently Adjunct professor at The University of Tampa and St. Petersburg College. Dr. Huegel has had a life-long interest in butterflies, pollinators and wildflowers.  He has written 6 books on native plants and wildlife since coming to Florida in 1985. He is the author of two blogs on Florida native plants and how to use them.   The interest in creating landscapes that support pollinators is increasing rapidly. With that, is an increased interest in native plants – especially in wildflowers. While all of this is encouraging, there are still a lot of misconceptions about wildflower “meadows” in general, and many such efforts to create them fall short of their full potential. In this talk, Dr. Huegel will discuss what some of those misconceptions are as well as ways to make a pollinator garden reach its full potential. 

You can check out his blogs at:

Pollinator Myth Busters
Dr. Kristen Lear, Bat Conservation
International Agave Restoration
Dr. Mace Bauvh, Xerces Society
Dr. Vicky Wojcik, Pollinator Partnership
Jessica Fox, EPRI

Friday, June 24
3:00 – 4:30 PM
4111-A Henderson Blvd., South Tampa
(next door to Little Red Wagon Native Nursery)

This is free to attend with Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation. Please register as space is limited.

Registration Fee: $10

Saturday, June 25 – Dr. Marc Minno: “Imperiled butterflies of Florida”

Dr. Minno has a Ph.D. in zoology and more than 35 years of professional experience as an interdisciplinary scientist.  He is currently a Water Resource Coordinator with the Suwannee River Water Management District in Live Oak, Florida. Marc and Maria Minno also work on plant and butterfly projects throughout Florida via Eco-Cognizant, Inc., their home-based consulting business.

In addition to his many years of experience with wetlands, Dr. Minno is keenly interested in conservation biology and has conducted field research throughout the US and in Central America, South America, Caribbean, Europe, and India.  Since 2011 Dr. Minno has been working with biologists in Cuba to better understand the ecological relationships of imperiled butterflies in southern Florida.   He has authored (and coauthored) six books, and six book chapters on butterflies and plants.  Bring your books for an autograph!

Registration: Free

Sunday, June 26 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Bring the children in for a fun, nature filled afternoon.  Constance Nye and Alycyn Culbertson will be here reading their fantastic stories, signing their books and doing activities with the kids from 1:00 – 3:00 PM.
This is a free event.  Both books are available for purchase in the gift shop.

Constance Nye, author of “Can he keep it?”, will be reading her story about catching and keeping wild creatures. This story helps kids figure out the answer to the question, “Can I keep it?” for themselves.

Alycyn Culbertson, author of “Look What Happened While I was Sleeping”, will be reading her story about butterfly gardening and metamorphosis. You never know how life can change until you open your eyes after a nice long rest.


Sunday, June 26 at 3:00pm
Butterfly Release

We can’t think of a better way to conclude this “Fluttertastic” week of celebrating our pollinators, than with a release of our favorite pollinator: the butterfly.  

Join us as we send several different species out to carry on their important work.  (Weather permitting.)


Most events are free, but donations are accepted for Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation.