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Carnivorous Plants By Kenny Coogan

June 22, 2022 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Kenny has a Master of Arts in  Global Sustainability with a concentration in Food Sustainability and Security. He is the owner of Critter Companions nursery in Tampa. His carnivorous plant nursery focuses on temperate and tropical species.  He is a columnist, author, and nurseryman.  Come learn about Florida’s endemic carnivorous plants and more. Florida has dozens of native species of carnivorous plants––more than any other state in the United States—including sundews, butterworts, bladderworts, and pitcher plants. These plants use appealing scents, leaves, and sticky fluids to trap and imprison insects. Digestive fluids then absorb the prey giving the plant its nutrients. Many of these plants can be grown at home in the backyard, in rain gardens, or in some cases on the windowsill.  His carnivorous plant nursery in Tampa focuses on temperate and tropical species.  His book, “Florida’s Carnivorous Plants” is expected to be released July 15th.