Children entering Kindergarten to Grade 5 will discover nature and wildlife while learning to care for our environment in our Summer Nature Camp program. We will have a different theme each week during the summer to keep campers engaged. Every camper will get an opportunity to release a butterfly by the end of the camp (weather permitting).

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05/31/22 – 06/03/22
Backyard Bugs

Creepy crawlies and flying bugs.  Get a look into a bug’s life as we explore their habitat, their roles in an ecosystem, and encounter these bugs in our own backyard! Campers will keep a journal of the backyard bugs they learn about this week. We will also learn about Florida natives AND butterflies in their ecosystem.

06/06/22 – 06/10/22
Dazzling Butterflies

Do you know what the state butterfly is?  Do you know how many different types of butterflies call Tampa home?  This week campers will learn about our native butterflies, their metamorphosis, and the native plants they rely on.  Campers will learn about the important role butterflies play in pollination and will get to conduct experiments like the ones being conducted in space!

06/13/22 – 06/17/22
Night owls and friends

Bats aren’t just for Halloween.   Learn about nocturnal pollinators and other nocturnal creatures.  Bats, moths, owls, and skunks are just some of the fun nocturnal friends we will meet! Campers will learn how bats navigate in the dark with a fun echolocation experiment. Crafts, activities, and live animal encounters throughout the week.  We will learn the importance of our night loving friends AND sun loving butterflies. 


06/20/22 – 06/24/22
Tiny Giants

Why should Spiderman get all the glory? This week we shine a spotlight on our planet’s smallest superheroes. In addition to exploring ants, spiders, beetles and bugs, campers will learn about bugs that existed with the dinosaurs.  (Did you know some were as big as 6’ tall?!)  As always, there will be crafts, outside activities, and we will learn the importance of our lovable tiny giants AND butterflies in their ecosystem.

06/27/22 – 07/01/22
Bee Buzz

The campers will be busy as bees this week as we focus on honeybees, native bees, and other pollinators.  We will look at their habitats and learn how a hive works.  Campers will become the hive and learn to function and communicate as the bees do.  In addition to crafts and outdoor activities, every child will get an opportunity to release a butterfly during the camp week.


07/05/22 – 07/08/22
Star Spangled Bugs

Did you know that we have bugs to thank for our country’s independence?  The ink used to sign the Declaration of Independence was made from bugs!  This week, campers will learn about red, white, and blue bugs, ecology, and the relationship of organisms to one another.  We will talk about pollinators in space.  Campers will discover what they would need to survive in their own “Spaceship Earth”.   As always, we will learn the importance of our pollinators AND butterflies in their ecosystem.


07/11/22 – 07/15/22
Creatures' Treehouse

An oak tree is more than a shady picnic spot, or a great place for a tire swing.  The mighty oak is its own ecosystem.  Did you know that one oak can be home to 500 butterflies and moths!?! This week focuses on the importance of trees, and the birds and pollinators that call them home.  Campers will make a birdfeeder as one of the fun crafts and activities planned for the week. 

07/18/22 – 07/22/22
Silly Snakes!

Sssssslither and ssssslide into the habitat this week as we learn about water, and land snakes in the Tampa Bay Area.  Campers will learn how to identify them, where they live, their benefits and what they eat. We’ll have lots of silly snake visitors this week, too! We will also talk about butterflies in the ecosystem.


08/01/22 – 08/05/22
Rebugging the Planet

Bugs! Bugs! And more bugs!  This week focuses our tiny local friends. We will study native bugs, and pollinators, and why they are so important to us.  Campers will learn the important role bees have in food production. Get ready for some fun as we search for native bugs, build a ladybug habitat, and conduct cool experiments! As always, we will learn the importance of butterflies in their ecosystem.


08/08/22 – 08/09/22
Leapin’ Lizards and Reptile Friends

Looking for one last blast before school starts?  This is the 2-day camp for you.  Get ready to leap into the new school year, as we focus on lizards, and other reptiles. Campers will get to meet our reptile ambassadors and will create a moving caterpillar out of paper.  We will also talk about butterflies in their ecosystem.


Camper drop-off/pick up:  Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation Gallery located at 4111-A Henderson Blvd. in South Tampa, next door to Little Red Wagon Native Nursery. 

Please follow signs for smooth traffic flow and the safety of everyone.